Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Packaging Design

DVD Case Design
CD Jewel Case Design
Candy Box Design
Frozen Foods Packaging
Hanging Box Design
Bottle Label Design

Digital Graphic Design

Business Card Design
4 Diamonds T-Shirt Art
Production Logo
Doodle for Google
T-Shirt Art Design

Advertising Graphics

Poster Design
Billboard Design
Score Board Advertisements
Sales Flyer
Twitter Advertisement

Motion Graphics

Information Design

Restaurant Menu Design
Slide Presentation Design
College Catalog Design
Infographic Design
Brochure Design
Portfolio Design

Interactive Media

Mobile Web Application
Website Design
* Webpage Content

Digital Graphics Course Description:

(Formerly known as Digital Communications) Digital graphics play a key role in the appearance of almost all print and on-screen designs. In this course, students will learn about packaging design, digital graphics, animation, information design, interactive media, and applying Adobe software. This project based course will challenge students with creative thinking and real-world problem solving activities.