Resources: Technology & Our Health

Tech is exciting and fun, but we need to be aware of the potential downsides as well. As a responsible tech user, we must educate ourselves on the risks of tech overuse. Here are some recommended resources to explore how to manage a healthy balance with tech:

Center for Humane Technology – Starting with their documentary The Social Dilemma is a great introduction. Along with the documentary you can also find links to research, an education course, and toolkits.

Your Undivided Attention (Podcast) – This podcast explores the risks technology poses toward society and our individual health. They bring on experts from many different areas to explore topics such as:

  • How tech-enabled social media can fuel polarization
  • Addiction to apps, games, and social media
  • How social media influences our self perception
  • Tech and the spread of disinformation
  • Biases coded into our tech
  • and much, much more…