CDHS Technology Education

CDHS Technology Education

The mission of Central Dauphin School District's Technology Education Department is to provide every student the technological literacy necessary to be productive in today's advance society. Beyond basic technological literacy, Central Dauphin's Technology Education department strives to provide students with various opportunities to acquire advance content specific technological literacy.      Click here to enter
Digital Communications One

CDHS Digital Communications One: Online Classroom

Digital Communications I teaches how to design and develop innovative media solutions to communication problems. This course introduces a wide variety of digital media skills such as graphic design, desktop publishing, multimedia presentation, computer technology, digital imaging, visual layout and design, video technology, audio technology, animation, and advertising. Students explore the fundamental elements of design, multimedia, and communication, and learn how to use the appropriate media to solve communication problems. This project based course uses problem solving activities to teach technological concepts.      Click here to enter
Digital Communications Two

CDHS Digital Communications Two: Online Classroom

Digital Communication II further develops the design, digital media, and communications skills acquired in Digital Communications I. Students apply these skills to create advanced graphic designs, multimedia presentations, and interactive designs. Students design, build, and test projects that communicate messages using the best media for a given audience or situation. Students will be challenged with problem solving activities, independent studies, and various special projects for the school and community.      Click here to enter
TV Studio and Production

CDHS TV Studio and Production: Online Classroom

Television Studio and Production uses various forms of mass communication. As Television Studio Staff Members, students in this class utilize graphics, videos, animations, audio and web technologies to communicate school news via a live newscast every day. They design, build, and test projects that communicate school news using the best media for a given audience or situation. All Staff Members must be available in the TV Studio daily by 7:20am to prepare for the morning news, and must be able to attend various after school events. This class is available for Seniors only.      Click here to enter
CD Action News

CD Action News

CD Action News is Central Dauphin High School’s official news organization. The crew, which is made up of about 30 seniors, is responsible for directing and producing a news broadcast each school day. Students in this organization must be registered in the TV Studio and Production or the TV Broadcasting course. Enrollment in this organization is limited based on numerous requirements. Students are encouraged to take Digital Communication One and Digital Communication Two prior to enrolling in this organization.This site was constructed and is maintained by the students of CDHS's TV Studio.      Click here to enter